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Club Race Day

Our club race days are the 'bread and butter' events for the club where there is a structured race day format (i.e. Qualifying and Finals), but there are no points awarded towards a championship or series event.  It's a great day to relax, meet new people, ask questions.......oh and have a race to test those skills.

The day commences with a Qualifying round for each class (e.g. Run What Ya Brung, 2WD Stock etc).  This round has a staggered start, runs for 7-minutes and you race against yourself.  Your time for each lap is recorded and your best 3 consecutive laps will be averaged to determine your qualifying time.  This time will dictate your grid start position in the finals (which are referred to as 'Mains').

In the finals (i.e. Mains), each class will race 3 times.  A final round lasts for 5 minutes and you race against each other from a grid start.  Your two best finals will count to determine your result for the day, with your third round (worst result) dropped. Generally a Main will have 10-12 vehicles so depending on entries in the class, there may be groups within each class (e.g. 2WD Stock A-Main, 2WD Stock B-Main, 2WD Stock C-Main).

Winter Points Series

Our Winter Points Series is an annual event run over 9 rounds of racing, with points awarded in each round depending on your race result.  The day follows a typical 'Club Race Day' format, but with an accumulative points arrangement for the series.  Points are awarded from 20 points (1st place) to 1 point (20th place) depending on your overall race result for the day and are awarded within each class (e.g. 2WD Stock, 2WD Mod etc).

So if there are 30 entries in 2WD Stock, the first place will receive 20 points, 10th place will receive 10 points and so on.  All racers will receive at least 1 point if you ran on the day and finished 20th or lower.  No points are awarded if you do not race.  The top qualifier in each class will receive a bonus point. Your two worst round results will be dropped from the final score.

Note: You must be a club member and race a minimum of 4 rounds to be eligible for trophy prizes.

SEQ 1/10th Off-Road Titles

An annual event held over a full weekend of racing usually in March.  Details for 2022 TBA.


Chargers RC Annual 'Enduro' and Breakup Celebration, a FREE day of racing in a 2 hour Enduro format.

Sunday 5th December 2021
This is a day of fun racing and banter for all Chargers members and friends.

The day will open with a quick qualification round for the teams to determine grid placings for the 2 hour main event.

So, how does it work? What are the rules?
• Each team must be made of four drivers
• Each team must provide a marshall at all times
• Chassis is open to any off-road 1/10 race car powered by a 2 cell lipo
• 1 car per team
• There will be a table off-track for battery changes
• Whichever team completes the most laps in two hours wins!