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Events are subject to change at any time depending on weather and other factors outside our control.

Club Meet

Our club race days are the 'bread and butter' events for the club where there is a structured race day format (i.e. Qualifying and Finals), but there are no points awarded towards a championship or series event.  It's a great day to relax, meet new people, ask questions.......oh and have a race to hone those skills.

The day commences with 2 x Qualifying rounds for each class (e.g. Novice, 2WD Stock, 4WD Stock etc).  Each round has a staggered start, runs for 5-minutes and you race against yourself.  Points are awarded based on your qualifying times.  Your best 1 of 2 qualifiers will be used seed the Mains and ultimately your grid start position.

In the finals (i.e. Mains), each class will race 3 times.  A final round lasts for 5 minutes and you race against each other from a grid start.  Your two best finals will count (points awarded) to determine your result for the day, with your third round (worst result) dropped. Generally a Main will have 10-12 vehicles so depending on entries in the class, there may be groups within each class (e.g. 2WD Stock A-Main, 2WD Stock B-Main, 2WD Stock C-Main).

2024 Member's Points Series

The 2024 Members Points Series is a 5 Round event.

Round dates are as follows:

  • Round 1 - 25 Feb

  • Round 2 - 10 Mar

  • Round 3 - 5 May (Rescheduled)

  • Round 4 - 19 May (Rescheduled)

  • Round 5 - 2 June (Rescheduled)

The race day will follow a format of 1 or 2 Qualifiers of Top 3 Consecutive (depending on entry numbers) and 3 Mains. All Qualifiers and Mains will be 5 minutes. If two Qualifiers are run, it will be best 1 of 2.  Mains will be best 2 of 3.

Classes run will be the normal Junior, Sportsman, Stock and Modified classes, as well as Stadium Truck and Short Course Truck.  You cannot cross enter in Sportsman, Stock and Modified.  Points will accumulate across all rounds but only your best 3 of 5 rounds will count.  This means you can miss 2 rounds and still be in the running for a podium.

Points will be allocated as follows:


1 point for Top Qualifier (TQ).


20 points for a win, 19 points for second and so on until 1 point for 20th and all results beyond that.

Other Points

1 bonus points for each round attended

2 bonus points for attending all 5 rounds

Check your points tally here.

NOTE: You must be a member before the commencement of Round 5 to be eligible for a trophy at the end of the series.  If a non-member achieves a trophy result (i.e. 1st, 2nd or 3rd), the member below that member in the points total will be awarded the trophy for that podium win.

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Truck 'n' Outlaw Event

A new event for 2024, the Truck 'n' Outlaw 2-day event shines the light on our Stadium and Short Course Trucks and Outlaw buggies.  The event will be held on weekend of 20 - 21 April 2024, with practice available on Friday 19th April.

For all event details, click HERE.

Queensland State Titles

The Queensland State Titles returns to Chargers RC in 2024.  This is an RCRA sanctioned event and will be held from Friday 21 June to Sunday 23 June.

For all event details, click HERE.

Legends Points Series - 2024

The 2024 Legends Points Series will be a 5 Round event commencing Sunday 14 July 2024.

Points will be accumulative with trophies presented after round 5.

More details to come.

Enduro / Break-up

Chargers RC Annual 'Enduro' and Breakup celebration to be held in the morning and culminating with a BBQ lunch to celebrate the year that was.  This event kicks off at 8am with a practice session before the 3-Hour enduro commences as 9am.

This is an evening of fun racing and banter for all Chargers members and friends.  Cost is only $10 per person which includes lunch and a drink.

The enduro will commence with a 'drawing from the hat' for starting grid positions.

So, how does it work? What are the rules?

• Each team must be made up of four to five drivers.
• Each team must provide a marshall at all times
• Chassis is open to any off-road 1/10 race car with 2 cell LIPO battery.
• Strictly 1 car per team
• There will be a table off-track for battery and tyre changes
• Whichever team completes the most laps in three hours wins!

Members Series
Queensland State Titles
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