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Turn 1 (T1) this corner is crucial for starting your lap off right, get it wrong you lose time for the next two corners and in racing conditions could leave you open to losing positions.


I brake just before the loop but not too aggressive as the loop is raised a little and can unsettle the car.  I use T1 to scrub speed off through cornering for T2, meaning using less brake and letting the drag of the tires turning to reduce car speed while keeping corner speed up.  The real Apex for this area is T2, this where you wanna start accelerating back again and pointing the car early for T3.  

T3 you want to hit about 1 - 2 feet away from the pipe as this sets you up over the double to take the fastest line through T4 which is a tricky double apex corner which is one of the toughest corners to get right.  You want to hit the up face under brakes as you don't want to overshoot the jump, I start to brake just before the up face.  You want to land the down ramp off the double as early as possible and straight away getting the car turned in for T4 and let the car carry the corner speed naturally.  Using as little brakes as possible and let the car flow around.  

T4 and T5 is a double apex so best to clip the apex at T4 then let the car flow out a little from the pipe to then come back to hit the apex at T5 which sets you up for T6 and the berm.


Miss the Apex at T5 you will lose ALOT of time in T6,


You want to reduce the amount of steering you need for T6 as much as possible so you can get on the throttle as early as possible to carry maximum speed through the berm and short back straight.  

The berm of T7 is a long double apex, hit the lowest point on the entry, let the buggy flow out to about the 2 feet mark then pull the car back down to hit the apex onto the straight. It easy to wash out too far and end up hitting the pipe on the exit. T9 is tough and to get the fastest corner speed requires good brake modulation. 

For T9 in 2wd ill modulate the brakes into 2 portions so the buggy isn't unsettled, once to get the nose down quickly and then ill back the brakes off a little to get the nose settled before i start to turn in, once I'm turned in, I'll give a very rapid blip of the brakes to get the rear to rotate quickly without losing corner speed. This is the art form of 2wd, getting the buggy to rotate on a dime without losing momentum.  

In 4wd it's a little more straight forward, hard brakes but longer and trail braking as I start to turn then back to neutral and let the buggy carry its corner speed before getting back on the throttle for the Triple of Sector 10 and 11. In 2wd you gotta get the straightest and fastest run up possible, meaning getting the buggy straightened up early and on the throttle early. In 4wd its a rapid hit of the throttle and then a blip of the brakes on the up face to get the nose down and to scrub off excess speed.  

For T12 you wanna let the buggy flow and slowly get on the throttle through you exit, don't worry about doing a quick rotation through the hairpin, you wanna flow the car and get on the throttle early and smooth and let the buggy wash out wide a little so you can get the buggy pointed for the back straight chicane. The ideal line is one you don't need to back off the throttle at all and miss the bumps through T14.  

You wanna hit both apex's of T13 and T14 then keep the buggy in the middle of the track on the exit of 14 and keep the speed going as much as possible into 15 to brake as late as possible. T15 and T16 has 2 lines, tight and smooth and pop over the step up or the tougher line. Late brake at 15, over shoot the apex, a quick flick of the buggy and then hit the step up at speed and jump over the top to 17, this is the more difficult line and requires patience, confidence, good brake management, good throttle control and having the buggy set up right to handle the landing.  

Get this wrong and will cost you more time especially as this area isn't a quick marshalling spot. 

If you take the first option pop over the step up safely then get on the throttle and let the buggy flow through 17 let the buggy wash out to the mid-way mark or a little wider then pitch the buggy in for 18, you shouldn't need to brake at all for 18.  

Between 18 and 19 ideally you don't want to go any wider than the middle of the track and then start turning and braking as you go up the ramp for 19. Brake as you hit the up ramp, the ramp scrubs off less speed then a lot think as I see a lot of people go really wide on 19. Braking and turning at the same time to hug the apex to allow you to get back on the throttle early for the run to 20. Braking on the up face of the ramp and turning in tight, take this corner slower than you think and this is the fastest. Allow the buggy to drop off the ramp and a tight turn on the exit and back on throttle quickly. A short blip of the throttle before going to neutral to turn the buggy through 21 then another blip of throttle and then hard on the brakes for 22.  

For 22 I'll give the buggy an aggressive flick to hold a tight line and to get on the throttle hard before the first double of 23. For the doubles it's all about rhythm. Hard on the throttle then tap of the brakes for the up ramps to scrub off all the extra speed to nail the down ramps then repeat the process for the next double. Land the down ramp then rip the throttle, if landed correctly you won't need to worry about wheelspin with aggressive throttle as you have carried momentum through the landings.  

That's a hot lap around Chargers! 

A hot lap with Chris Sturdy

How to tackle Chargers like a Pro!

You ready for the hot tip, we have it right here for you, courtesy of Chargers member and resident pro! With thanks and appreciation to Chris Sturdy!