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Chargers RC has long recognised the contribution of dedicated, selfless service offered to the club and the sport by those who served it well.


The Chargers RC Life Membership honour role is below.

Col Powell


Helped establish the club at Beenleigh and spearheaded the move to Jimboomba. Col was club President, visionary and tireless worker for Chargers RC.

Bev Powell


For self-less service to Chargers RC at Beenleigh and Jimboomba. Famed as the provider of 'Bev’s Burgers' and long-term committed member of the club.

Bruce Ward


If there was a track to build, Bruce would be there. Relentless in his determination to support the club and its facilities, along with thoroughly enjoying his own racing. Led the track team for 1995 Nationals.

David Guyatt


President, Secretary, Race Director over many years and at various stages of the club’s history including Lota, Mt Gravatt, Yeronga and Jimboomba. David’s service also extended to ORRCA Qld alongside the inimitable Barry Fry.  David will be honoured with a race series in his name during the 2023 season.

Scott Guyatt


Secretary for several years, co-leadership of the 1995 Nationals organising team with Barry Fry.

Andrew Lyons


The very model of club spirit and committed service, Andrew held multiple committee roles over several years and Jimboomba and beyond, particularly in the period involving the move from Jimboomba to Ipswich.

Grant McDonald


Bursting on the scene in 1995, Grant very quickly became an indispensable member of the Chargers team. He offered excellent leadership through the move to Leichardt, and in the club’s support of on-road racing in Toowoomba.

Mark Farren-Price


Mark led the club at Leichardt, and in the preparation for the move to Redbank, along with being a front-running modified class racer. Instrumental in hosting state and national championship events at Leichardt.

David Lawrence


It’s almost impossible to imagine a modern Chargers RC without David Lawrence. Dedicated to the club, to its members, to the race track as well as his own family’s racing. David is the epitome of Chargers RC. David will be honoured with a race series in his name during the 2023 season.

Ryan McColl


Highly active in the club’s Leichardt and Redbank period, Ryan also made his mark on track with a triple Nationals podium in Canberra (2009). Ryan is just one long-time clubman and life member still active within the club.

Glenn Chivers


Glenn became a club stalwart over the Redbank Plains period and into the club’s move to Carole Park. A tireless behind the scenes worker, Glenn also stood on the club’s committee over an extended period. The modern club wouldn’t be the same without his contribution.

Richard Petty


Richard was part of the strong team that supported the club during the last part of it’s Redbank tenue and into the new digs at Carole Park.

Peter Boorman


A long time club supporter and critical committee member at Redbank.  Peter assisted the club establish itself at Carole Park, and worked on the development of its modern facilities.

Michael Swales


Worked alongside Peter Boorman and Richard Petty through the critical transition to Carole Park, paving the way for the modern Chargers club .

Gary Sturdy


A long-time supporter of everything that Chargers RC stands for, Gary has held multiple roles and offered extensive support to the club throughout the Ipswich period of its history.  Gary is a very active member of the club today.

Simon Smith


Details to follow.

Gopal Pavlich


Gopal was awarded life membership for his committed leadership to the club particularly through the very challenging COVID-19 pandemic period.  He was part of the team that moved the club onto its current SIC Surface race-track and now a 10+ year veteran of the club.

Jenson Spencer


RC racing is in Jenson's blood and he has contributed enormously to the success of Chargers in recent years by holding several committee positions including President, Treasurer, Events Co-Ordinator and General Committee.  'Jenno' was club President in 2022 when the club hosted the Queensland States Titles and Australian National titles.

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