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"Its cool to run old school"

New for 2023 at Chargers RC is our very own vintage track that has been built within the existing compound at Carole Park, right next to our Sic Surface modern outdoor race track.

Vintage racing is making a comeback;  igniting childhood memories when legendary RC cars like Tamiya Hornets or Kyosho Turbo Optimas loosed up the dirt in the back yard or down at the local park.

With manufacturers bringing to market re-releases of the old favourites, and seasoned racers blowing the dust off originals from 20+ years ago, the future is looking exciting for vintage racing.


Pre-2000 - 1/10 scale off-road buggy (original and re-release).


Run for Fun

What was cool in the 1980's and 90's and less racey (not built to be at the pointy end of racing).  Examples include but not limited to Tamiya Frogs and Hornets, Kyosho Pegasus and Scorpions.  Racing in this class will be open every vintage meet and separated into 2WD and 4WD pending numbers.

Tamiya Hornet Vintage

Competition Racer

These are the cars that were built to win races from well known manufacturers with racing heritage such as Associated, Losi, Yokomo, Schumacher and Kyosho.  Examples include the AE RC10, Kyosho Turbo Optima or the Yokomo YZ-870c Super Dog Fighter.  Racing in this class will be open every vintage meet and separated into 2WD and 4WD pending numbers.


Not as popular as the buggies but still holding a special place in history.  The stadium trucks and short-course racers of pre-2000 such as the Associated RC10T and Losi XXT-CR Stadium truck will be invited to race at Chargers every 2nd or 3rd meet pending numbers.

Kyosho Turbo Optima
AE RC10T Vintage

Shelf Queens

These are the cars you thought you would never drive again.  They are rare/sentimental and hold special memories for the driver.  They will be driven with respect to their age and fragility, with extra care taken by all driving in this class.

Hirobo Zerda.jpg


Motor selection will be at the discretion of the driver HOWEVER, a fast modified motor will not help you get around our tight and slippery dirt track.  Having a fast modified motor is more likely going to result in a broken car and probably an expensive fix.  Not to mention ending your fun early.

However as a guide, we would recommend for all classes either:

  • Original/Johnson/Silver can

  • 27T Brushed

  • Sports & torque tuned

  • 21.5T brushless

For 2WD Competition Racers, consider a 21.5T motor.

For 4WD Competition Racers and Truckers, a 17.5T brushless motor would be a good option.

Yeah Racing 27T Motor.jpg
Johnson Silver Can Motor.jpg
Kyosho Gold Motor.jpg


Our LiveTime scoring system will only identify MyLaps RC4 generation transponders. AMB, AMBrc and non-MyLaps branded transponders (e.g. MRT) are not supported at our track.


More Information

Visit our Vintage FAQ section if you need more information or contact us via email.

Be sure to check out our events calendar for vintage race days.​

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