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  • I am new to RC Racing, where do I start?"
    Getting into a new hobby can be daunting and RC Racing is certainly that. For a newcomer, it can be overwhelming and feel a little intimidating BUT do not let that become a barrier for you. All racers were in that position at some point and as you will learn, the RC racing community is very welcoming (especially at our club) and we love seeing new people coming along to our race days and joining in. We suggest coming along to one of our race days and having a chat. You will learnt alot just by being there and talking to racers. Next you will need a car and there are some excellent RTR (Ready to Race) kits out there that will get you doing laps with minimal outlay. Check out these models (click here) or speak to our club supporters Campbelltown Hobbies, SpeedyRC and OZRC to hook you up with the gear you will need. It is important to point out that you do not need the latest and greatest to race at our club. You can get racing with a good second-hand car and reliable controller for well under $1,000.
  • Do I need to be a member to race?
    No, you are more than welcome to turn up and race without membership. Members do enjoy discounted race fees and our junior members (16 and under) race for free. See our Membership page for details on membership costs and race fees.
  • Is the track open to the public?
    Yes, the track is open for the public to use when Chargers is not holding a club meet or race event. If you are using the track, please respect the time and effort that goes into providing this facility for all to enjoy and only use permitted RC cars being 1/10th scale electric powered cars. Larger cars will damage the surface which impacts our club using the facility for club racing.
  • Where is the best place to get up-to-date race information?
    The 'Chargers RC - Pit Lane' Facebook page is where all race day communications are shared.
  • What time does racing start and what time should I get there?
    Racing starts at 8am sharp with nominations and payment of race fees taken from 7.30am. It is common for racers to arrive between 6-7.30am to setup and have practice prior to races commencing.
  • What is the race day format?
    Depending on the number of race entries, for club meets we usually run 2 x 5-minute qualifying session (per class), followed by 3 x 5 minute finals (Mains). Your two best results in the Mains account for your overall result on the day. We will generally run our 2WD Stock, Modified and Sportsman classes first, followed by Junior and Trucks, followed by 4WD Stock, Modified and Sportsman. Details will be provided at each race meet in the race brief (which happens around 7.50am) prior to the start of racing.
  • What class of racing is for me?
    We offer a range of classes that you can choose to race in which caters for any style and skill level of racer. Generally people will race in 2 classes but racing in 3 classes is possible, but you will be busy between racing and marshalling. Junior - this class is specifically for our juniors from any age up to 16 years. In this class, we welcome parents to assist their kids on the drivers stand and we will provide all the support the kids need to get better at racing and enjoy their time on the track and at our club. 2WD and 4WD Sportsman - this class suits novice drivers and those members that enjoy all aspects of RC racing but prefer to do so in a less competitive race environment. This class is all about having fun and enjoy working on your RC cars, spending time with mates at the track and not feeling the pressure to have the latest and greatest gear to be competitive. This class is a good option if you are on a budget or want to learn the art of RC racing before moving up into the Stock/Modified classes. 2WD/4WD Stock and Modified - these are the standard race classes you will find at most off-road race tracks around Australia. Stock racing creates a level playing field for all racers as motors must be the same turn (17.5T for 2WD and 13.5T for 4WD) and no boost/turbo settings can be used in the ESC. Modified racing is best summed up as fast. There are no restrictions on the motor used or ESC settings. This class is best suited to experienced racers. Stadium Truck / Short Course Truck - the truck classes are about fun. That is not to say the racing isn't fierce, but the drivers on the stand spend more time laughing than not. Generally Stadium Trucks and SCT are 2WD but 4WD cars (including truggys) are welcome to race. There is a clear progression within the classes at our club. If you are a Junior just starting out, you can move from Junior to Sportsman, and then Stock to Modified.
  • How do I submit my race nomination/s?
    It is preferred that race nominations be submitted online prior to race day using our Race Nomination form. You can elect to pay your race fees securely online using a credit/debit card or fees can be paid at the track (cash or EFTPOS). Alternatively, you can comment on our Facebook post which will call for nominations a few days out from race day. If you elect to pay at the track, then race fees must be paid to Race Control before racing begins.
  • What time does racing finish?
    Depending on the number of race nominations on the day, we usually finish between 3-4pm.
  • Do I need a transponder to race?
    Yes, as our MyLaps timing system requires a transponder to run the races and record your laps. Most specialised hobby stores sell transponders (see our sponsors for suggested retailers) or they can be purchased at the track (cost $139).
  • What is 'marshalling' and do I have to do it?
    A marshall is somebody standing on the side of the track during a race to assist with re-placing a vehicle on the track if it crashes. There are usually around 6-8 marshalls per race and are the drivers from the previous race. So once you finish your qualifying/race event, you are expected to 'marshall' the next race. If you aren't sure how to marshall, that's OK, ask us for a helper marshall to teach you what is required.
  • Can I practice at the track at any time?
    Yes, the track is always open for practice (except on club race days). All we ask is you use 1/10th scale electric vehicles only and you respect the facilities and track for the continued enjoyment of all members of the RC racing community and our club.
  • Do I need to charge my batteries at home?
    No, there is power available for everyone on race day. You just need your own charger and an extension lead can be handy.
  • What do I need to bring to 'setup' in the pits?
    The club does have a limited number of tables, however we strongly suggest bringing your own fold-out table as well as a chair. A powerboard is handy and don't forget an extension lead.
  • Where can I get advice on car setup etc.
    Whilst the internet has lots of information on this topic, the best advice will come from speaking to our members. Every track has it's own characteristics requiring different setups and those that race on the track, generally know what works and what doesn't. Alternatively, check out our Racing Guide page to get some helpful hints and tips.
  • Is food and drink available?
    The club will provide a basic BBQ lunch (burger / sausages) along with drinks for purchase on the day. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details. There is a petrol station about 5 minutes drive from the track (which is the nearest food outlet).
  • Are there toilet facilities?
    Yes, there is a council toilet nearby.
  • If it is raining, is racing still on?"
    If it is raining on the day, then no. Depending on the amount of rain we receive in the leadup to a race day, will determine if race day continues. This is because although the track is resistant to water, it can still get quite soft under foot and using it while wet can damage the track. Check our Facebook page for communications about race days and potential cancellations. If we have experienced rain at any time, please DO NOT use the track until it has had a chance to dry off (usually 24-48 hours).
  • Can I bring my family along?
    Absolutely! Chargers is a family friendly environment and we encourage everyone to attend and get involved. We have a thriving junior class of racers and when not racing, they tend to 'hang out' together and just have a good time being kids. Family members are most welcome in the pit area to see what happens, meet our members and ask questions.
  • What should I wear?
    Any comfortable clothing is fine and be sure to bring a hat and consider sunscreen as the race days are long and the track is in full sun. Note: the pit area is undercover. In winter months, don't forget a warm jumper as it is quite cool in the pit area. Thongs and sandals are NOT recommended and enclosed footwear MUST be worn on the track.
  • If I break a part or my car fails, is my race day over?"
    Not necessarily. You will quickly learn our members (and the off-road RC racing community in general) are very helpful and resourceful and are always willing to help a fellow racer get their car back on the track as soon as possible. Somebody will usually have the part you need as a spare, so just ask around.
  • What is a race number?
    A race number is allocated to all members of Chargers RC. The number is unique to each member and is used in our Livetime Scoring system to assist with race calling.
  • Why do we need race numbers?
    In part it is a bit of fun but the primary reason for allocating numbers is for drivers to have them on their cars to assist with driver identification during races. Numbers will be input into our Livetime Scoring software.
  • How are numbers allocated?
    An initial bidding process was conducted at the beginning of the 2023 season to allocate the first lot of numbers. From now on, members will carry over their number from previous years if they remain a member. New members can choose from any unallocated number, or we can allocate you a number.
  • What numbers are used?
    2-999 are used. For lower numbers, you may wish to add lead zeros (e.g. 05), however our scoring system will not recognise them. Therefore 05 will simply be 5 in Livetime.
  • What about #1?
    Number 1 is reserved for the committee to allocate to a club member who upholds the values of our club without fail, contributes to the club in some manner to ensure its continued success and who is an all round valued member. Each year the committee will select a member that meets this criteria and they will be able to use that number for that year. A perpetual trophy is also awarded with their name engraved on it.
  • How do I know what numbers are unallocated?
    You can check the Race Number register by visiting our Race Number page and viewing the register.
  • Can I have multiple numbers?
    No. You have one (1) number that is used on all cars.
  • What if I race in multiple classes?
    You use the same number on all cars you race in all classes.
  • Do I have to pay additional for a race number?
    No, once race numbers have been allocated after the initial bidding process in 2023, race numbers are allocated for free. There is no ongoing cost for subsequent years.
  • What if I want to change my number?
    Changing your number can be done by emailing the club at Additionally, speak to a committee member at race day to assist you.
  • What if I don't renew my membership?
    If you had a number allocated to you and you do not renew your membership, that number will be released and available to other members.
  • Are Life members eligible for a race number?
    Absolutely. Their number will be retained so long as they race with the club at least once in a 12 month period.
  • I am a non-member, do I need a race number?
    No, non-members are not allocated numbers. You will appear as N/A in our livetime scoring system (this does not impact on your racing and your name will still be called - just no car number). However if you intend to race regularly with us, we strongly suggest considering membership to reduce your ongoing race fees and to obtain a race number.
  • Where do I place the race numbers on my car?
    It is recommended stickers be placed on either side of your car. You may wish to place them on the side windows or rear wing.
  • Where do I get number stickers from?
    Numbers can be purchased through JSpec Stickers or can be found on other websites. The club does have a limited number of stickers however, we suggest speaking to Jeff at JSpec.
  • Do race numbers need to be a certain colour or size?
    There is no stipulated colour or size but we strongly suggest a colour that is highly contrasting against your car body colour and go as large as possible to be visible from the race stand.
  • Can I have my number incorporated into by car paintwork?
    Yes as long as it is contrasting and easily visible.
  • When is vintage racing starting at Chargers RC?
    2023. More details to come.
  • When is vintage racing held?
    Every 4 weeks on Saturday afternoons. Visit our events page for details.
  • What cars are considered 'Vintage'?
    Any pre-2000 (year) vehicle (original or re-release). The car must be 1/10th scale to race at Chargers RC Vintage track.
  • Does a re-release qualify as vintage?
    Yes, so long as the original release of the vehicle was pre-2000.
  • What is 'Outlaw' class?
    From time to time, we will run an 'Outlaw' class as part of our club meet. This class is any 2WD (rear motor) or 4WD built between 2000 and 2015. Cars released before 2000 are considered Vintage and after 2015 are considered Modern. A motor limit of 13.5T brushless will apply to the Outlaw class.
  • What does it cost to race in vintage?
    Members are only $5 for unlimited classes. Junior members race free. Non-members (including non-member juniors) are $15. Visit our 'fees' page for more details.
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