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'Giving a Weekend of Love to our Trucks!'

20th - 21st April 2024

Event Details

Classes all 1/10 scale with 2S battery

  • 2WD Stadium Truck - open motor

  • 2WD Short Course Truck - 10.5T

  • 4WD Trucker Stadium/Truggy and SCT - Open Motor

  • Truck' N Mad (Run whatever - Bashers etc, e.g. Traxxas Slash, rustler etc) Open Motor

  • Nitro Stadium Truck**

  • Outlaw Buggy 2WD rear mount (2000-2015) 13.5T Brushless, Open Brushed

  • Outlaw Buggy 4WD (2000-2015) 13.5T Brushless, Open Brushed

*6 Entries minimum for a class to be run 

** As Chargers RC is an 1/10 Electric only facility, greater scrutiny will be placed on Nitro Truck entrants. Cars must NOT blow excessive oil. Strict controlled practice will apply during the event schedule only.  Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can Nitro entries practice prior to the event. We look forward to having a few out there for a bit of fun, please remain within these guidelines so the class can be run and everyone can enjoy it. 


Click on the button above to Enter via the online entry form.  No paper form is available. 


First class $25.  Each additional class is $15.


Payment can be made via PayPal (preferred) or Debit/Credit Card (PayPal portal).  Direct deposit is also available.  Entries are unconfirmed until payment is received.


Open tyres for all classes. Jetko "Positive' Medium-Soft, work extremely well and have excellent wear. Generally, most soft – soft long wear compounds work well. Other options include Proline S3 compound and J-Concepts Aqua. Bald/worn tyres are fine and are encouraged. Entrants should not need more than 1 set of tyres for this event!'

Schedule and Race Format 

Friday 19th April - Open Practice all day with timed practice from 1.00 PM until 4 PM.

Saturday 20th April (Reedy Race /heads up racing day)

  • 7..30 AM check-in and registration.

  • 8.00 AM race brief and start.

  • 4 x 7-minute races, random grids, drop your worst result. NOTE: There will be a twist.

  • Hooligan Truck Race

Sunday 21st April - (IFMAR Style Day)

  • 7.30 AM check-in and registration.

  • 8.00 AM race brief and start.

  • Bathurst Style Top 10 shootout (from the 10 fastest laps the day before)

  • Seeding for Q1 will be taken from Saturday's results.

  • 2 x 5-minute Qualifiers

  • 3 x 5 min Mains (drop your worst). NOTE: There will be a twist.


Crowing the Winners

The event be run as a “mini-series” where you are awarded points for both race days and your results are combined.  Trophies and bragging rights for podium winners!


MyLaps Gen 4 only

Our LiveTime system will only identify MyLaps RC4 generation transponders (see RC4 and RC4 Pro below).  AMB, AMBrc and non-MyLaps branded transponders (e.g MRT) are not supported at our tracks.

MyLaps RC4Pro.png

For more information, contact us HERE.

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